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Why Advertise?

The Australian Pipeliner is the flagship of a complete range of options; from print, to online, to events, to customised marketing, giving you unparalleled access to the industry.

7 Reasons to Advertise

  1. The Australian Pipeliner is the official magazine of the Australian Pipeline Industry Association (APIA).
  2. The Australian Pipeliner has been published for 38 years and is a trusted source of information.
  3. The Australian Pipeline industry is booming and shows no signs of slowing.
  4. All major industry players read The Australian Pipeliner.
  5. Project managers and specifying engineers read The Australian Pipeliner.
  6. The Australian Pipeliner is a suite of products, including the magazine, directory and e-news– it is your one stop shop for reaching the industry.
  7. Readers often refer to magazines multiple times, even saving them, giving advertisers the opportunity for multiple exposures.

Magazine advertising works for you
Research shows that consumers respond to magazine advertising more positively than advertising in any other medium, and most importantly, it is more likely to move them to action. International studies have shown that key decision makers and the most influential people in business turn to magazines before anything else for purchasing decisions.

Raise your profile
How much business are you missing out on because people simply don’t know you exist? It’s a tough question to answer, but if you raise your profile you can find out, and what’s more, you’ll no longer be missing out on this business. The companies that appear in The Australian Pipeliner quickly become known right across the Pipeline Industry and can turn this recognition into new business. No company has ever achieved its full potential without raising its profile.

Promote your products and services
The Pipeline Industry is always on the look out for quality products and new and better ways of doing things. When companies are looking to source equipment or services in the Pipeline Industry, they turn to The Australian Pipeliner as a guide. By combining editorial with your advertising, you can ensure that your innovative products and services get the publicity, and more importantly, the business they deserve.

Use the reputation of The Australian Pipeliner to your advantage
The Australian Pipeliner is extremely well regarded throughout the industry and continues to be a hub of industry information with a dedicated readership. Your company can take advantage of the respect The Australian Pipeliner has earned and use it to your advantage by linking yourself with The Australian Pipeliner name.

Add some prestige to your marketing efforts
Quality advertisements and editorial in The Australian Pipeliner are an excellent way to present your company to both a wider audience and to specific clients that you want to target. We can work with you to design an impressive and effective marketing campaign, as well as providing you with additional copies so that all your key clients can see what you’re up to.

Buying Power
Over A$15 billion is expected to be spent in the pipeline industry in Australia over the next 10 years. Your investment in advertising will enable you to gain greater access to these projects when they occur.

Associate your business with the right projects and features
Throughout the year, The Australian Pipeliner includes a variety of planned features designed to highlight different aspects and sectors of the pipeline industry. These features get a lot of attention from those who have an interest in the areas covered. If you are active in one of these areas then you don’t want to miss out on your feature. Check the editorial guide to the right or contact the office to see what’s coming up that is most relevant to you.

The Australian Pipeliner runs features on all variety of pipeline projects across Australia; in the early stages, during construction and after completion. As you would know, one of the best ways to promote your business is to let people know what you’ve already done and this can be achieved by getting involved in the project features that you’ve worked on.

Maintain your edge
You might have been around for a while and be pretty well-known, but the market can change quickly and it is vital that you remain visible in order to keep your edge. People respond well to leaders and a strong advertising presence helps to confirm that you are an industry leader. The most successful companies in the world never shy away from reminding their customers who they are. Visibility is a key part of ensuring the ongoing success of any business and the best way to stay visible is to advertise in The Australian Pipeliner.

Support the Pipeline industry
The Australian Pipeliner is a vital communication tool for the Pipeline Industry. It facilitates the exchange of information between APIA members and with the wider community. It has the capacity communicate our views to the government and public and to support research and the latest developments bringing benefits to the Pipeline Industry. The magazine relies on advertising to survive and prosper, and your support will ensure that the goals mentioned above can be achieved, for the benefit of the whole industry.

For more information on advertising, please contact Lisa Feagan.

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