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APIA Board

At the 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Australian Pipeline Industry Association (APIA), held on 15 October 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia, there were 11 nominees for the seven board positions, each for a two-year term, and so an election was held.

The five retiring Directors who had re-nominated, Mark Cooper (Dampier Bunbury Pipeline), Mark Dayman (Fyfe), Jim Frith (McConnell Dowell), Brent Jones (WDS Limited) and Shaun Reardon (Jemena Limited) were re-elected, and Dave Maloney (CNC Project Management) and Mark Twycross (Quanta Services Australia) were elected as new Directors.

As per the Constitution, the retiring President, Kevin Lester, was automatically re-appointed to the Board as the Immediate Past President for a two-year term.

The continuing Board members serving their second year on the Board are Peter Cox (WorleyParsons Services) and Ashley Kellett (SEA Gas).

At the Board meeting held after the AGM, the new Board elected Mr Dayman as President, Mr Kellett as Vice-President and Mr Cooper as Treasurer.

The office of President is held for a two-year term and the offices of Vice-President and Treasurer are held for a one-year term.

The Board of APIA for 2013/14 is, therefore, comprised of the following Directors:

Mark Dayman (Fyfe) – President
Ashley Kellett (SEA Gas) – Vice-President
Mark Cooper (Dampier Bunbury Pipeline) – Treasurer
Kevin Lester (APA Group) – Immediate Past President
Peter Cox (WorleyParsons Services)
Jim Frith (McConnell Dowell)
Brent Jones (WDS Limited)
Dave Maloney (CNC Project Management)
Shaun Reardon (Jemena Limited)
Mark Twycross (Quanta Services Australia)

From left: Mark Twycross, Mark Dayman, Kevin Lester, Mark Cooper, Cheryl Cartwright, Peter Cox, Steve Dobbie, Ashley Kellett, Shaun Reardon, Brent Jones. Absent: Jim Frith, Dave Maloney (inset, from left to right).

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