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The Australian Pipeliner

April 2010

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President’s Message

The APIA pipeline engineering training program is reaching the successful completion of Stage 1. The aim of this stage was to firstly define the competencies required for the various aspects of pipeline engineering, and secondly to create an APIA Guide to AS2885.

Chief Executive’s Report

This year has seen two big developments occur for APIA and for the Australian pipeline industry.

Vale: Robert Fraser

Bob Fraser passed away on 13 December 2009 after a short illness. He was 79 years old. Vin Pollock provides this tribute to his friend and colleague.

Vale: Ronald John Black

It is with regret that yet another ‘old Pipeliner’ has passed away. Ron Black lost his battle with cancer on 23 January 2010. Joe Ashton provided this insight into the life of his mate.

CSG industry gathers for polyethylene gathering

Polyethylene flowlines and gathering lines were the hot topic at APIA’s recent seminar on coal seam gas pipelines.

WA Chapter goes agog with Gorgon

Last year, Chevron achieved a number of milestones regarding its Gorgon LNG Development, including a final investment decision. This year, Chevron’s Colin Beckett outlined the project and challenges to the WA Chapter.

First class support for CSG in Brisbane

The Brisbane APIA dinner was held on 17 February 2010 and addressed by Origin Energy’s Alan Palmer, Project Manager – Coal Seam Gas Project Implementation, who spoke positively about Australia’s coal seam gas industry.

Seawater to drinking water: Nacap talks desal pipeline

Nacap, together with its joint venture partners Thiess and Degrémont, is constructing the 84 km Wonthaggi Desalination Pipeline, which is set to transport up to one third of Melbourne’s annual water requirement. Nacap General Manager Matt O’Connell informed the Melbourne APIA dinner of the challenges facing pipeline construction.

Uranium: posing new pipeline possibilities

It’s a gas pipeline, it’s an oil pipeline...no, it’s a uranium pipeline! Those attending the APIA Adelaide dinner were educated on the use of pipelines for uranium mine in situ recovery.

Australia’s pipeline industry: local expertise, international influence

Australia’s pipeline industry is highly regarded and its members are well known internationally for their knowledge, expertise – and commitment. The 2010 APIA Annual Convention will further build on the success of the industry, the Association and the reputation built over many decades.

Young Pipeliners take the next step

Cheryl Cartwright, APIA Chief Executive

The Young Pipeliners Forum is evolving – this year will see a number of mentoring events organised to encourage learning between younger and older pipeliners, as well as a broadening of the forum’s membership.

YPF engaged by experience in SA

Michael Jarosz, Project and Compliance Engineer, PIRSA, and SA YPF representative

On 25 February, the South Australian Young Pipeliners Forum held a networking event, which provided an excellent opportunity for young pipeliners to discuss industry related issues with each other as well as older members of the industry.

WA Quiz night proves pipeliners are not just pretty faces

Peter Kneale, Mechanical Project Engineer, Enerflex, and WA YPF representative

Members of the Western Australian pipeline industry put their collective heads together for a night of trivia and networking at the first official joint APIA and Young Pipeliners Forum event in the state.

QLD young pipeliners tour Vinidex

Clayton Warner, Project Engineer, Fyfe, and Queensland YPF Representative

On 19 March, an enthusiastic group of Young Pipeliners Forum members gathered for a tour of the Vinidex manufacturing plant and distribution centre at Coopers Plains, located in Brisbane.

Lester talks innovation and efficiency

Kevin Lester, AJ Lucas Pipeline Divisional Manager – Infrastructure and Pipelines, was recently appointed Vice President of the APIA Board. Here he talks to The Australian Pipeliner about his experience in the industry, the need to encourage innovation and efficiency on pipeline projects, and training for the future.

Linton: research vital for our unique industry

With the establishment of the Energy Pipelines Co-operative Research Centre at the beginning of the year, Professor Valerie Linton has been appointed head of a national organisation dedicated to researching ways to improve the design, construction and operation of Australian pipelines. The Australian Pipeliner asks her about her experience with, and aspirations for the industry.

Station piping design: design temperature below ambient

Phil Venton, Venton & Associates Pty Ltd

Specification ASTM A106 is titled Standard specification for seamless carbon steel pipe for high-temperature service – yet there is a commonly held opinion that this specification is suitable for use at design temperatures between -29° Celsius and 200°C for all wall or reference thicknesses.

Australian Gas Industry Trust administration moves to APIA

Administration of the Australian Gas Industry Trust, which had been managed from within the Energy Networks Association since its inception, has moved into the APIA office.

First meeting of the IGU WOC3 held in Amsterdam

The first research triennium of the International Gas Union’s Working Committee 3, which focuses on various aspects of gas transmission, was held in Amsterdam in January 2010. Attendee, GHD Business Development Manager for Oil and Gas Barbara Jinks, reports.

The first year of The Pipeline Authority

The Pipeline Authority was the brainchild of the Minister for Mines and Energy in the Whitlam Government, the Hon Rex Connor, who formed the group to take over the building of the 34 inch Moomba to Sydney Pipeline much to the chagrin of William (later Sir William) Pettingell who, as head of AGL, was well advanced with plans for AGL to construct and own the pipeline. The Australian Pipeliner revisits an article printed in June 1974 and written by former Executive Manager of the Pipeline Authority James Donald for a look at the first year of the Authority’s activities.

Graham Witty

Barry Wood

Graham Witty grew up in Wangaratta and Mildura, moving to Melbourne in 1956 to complete his engineering qualifications at Caulfield Technical Institute. Graham started his working career with GMH as a cadet automotive design engineer before going on to join Gas & Fuel Corporation in its distribution department in the early 1960s.

Momentum on the DBNGP

Momentum Engineering has recently been awarded an engineering and project management services contract with DBP.

PCS: providing new plant and products

Key new appointments, coupled with the successful commissioning of a new petrolatum manufacturing plant and the addition of new products and services have further strengthened Petro Coating Systems’ business.

Screening the pipeline industry

Designed to segregate excavated materials on construction sites, Flip Screen is a portable bucket with a mesh screening chamber used to sieve material as the unit rotates, while larger particles are retained inside.

Ottoway heads north

Ottoway Engineering has opened a new manufacturing and construction business in Dalby, Queensland.

No sweat: connecting with Lockring

Lokring fittings can be used to connect piping and tubing simply and quickly in areas where welding is not feasible. Recently, Lokring Technology released its low alloy carbon steel solution for sour gas service applications.

Anode and LineTech close the Trans-Tasman gap

Anode Engineering and high-voltage electricity transmission and distribution engineering consultancy LineTech Consulting (NZ) have formed a partnership, the AELT Alliance, in order to better serve the Australasian industry.

The EPBC Act: toward extinction or evolution?

The first independent review of Australia’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999) has labelled the legislation repetitive, unnecessarily complex and overly prescriptive in some areas. CNC Project Management Manager Environment and Regulatory Compliance Ian Spence reports on the recommendations made within the review and the response.

Boom or bust: establishing how many people are employed in the pipeline industry

The Australian Government’s newly established National Resource Sector Employment Taskforce has asked companies and industry associations to forecast the workforce requirements needed to sustain the upcoming boom. APIA Policy Adviser Steve Davies outlines the difficulty and importance of providing such information with regard to the pipeline industry.

QGP Expansion sustains QLD growth

In response to the economic and industrial growth in the Gladstone region, Jemena has recently completed the expansion of its Queensland Gas Pipeline via 113 km of looping and the installation of two midline compressors.

Lucas loops the QGP

AJ Lucas recently completed the construction of 113 km looping on the Queensland Gas Pipeline, on time, taking care of the environment and providing opportunities for local industry.

Enerflex handles facilities on QGP Expansion

Enerflex was contracted by Jemena Asset Management to construct and tie-in the new scraper station facilities associated with the Queensland Gas Pipeline Expansion.

OneSteel: one pipe supplier for QGP

Having manufactured and supplied the pipe for the original 529 km Queensland Gas Pipeline in 1990, OneSteel Oil and Gas were appreciative of the opportunity to be associated with the pipeline’s looping expansion between Oombabeer and Callide.

Bredero’s coating arms QGP

Bredero Shaw Australia provided the internal lining and external coating for Jemena’s Queensland Gas Pipeline looping expansion.

Lonestar welds Pluto

Lonestar Automated Welding was selected to carry out automatic welding works on large diameter pipe associated with the Pluto Gas Project, located on the North West Shelf, Western Australia.

NationWide continues to expand with new full service branch in Brisbane

NationWide Hire is continuing to grow as a opens its third full service branch in Brisbane, Queensland, restructures its company, and adds to its fleet.

Older and wiser: APA manages its ageing infrastructure

APA Group owns and operates some of Australia’s oldest natural gas transmission pipelines. Here, the company explains the importance of having a comprehensive integrity management program to ensure that its older pipelines are maintained to the industry standard.

A learning curve: the pipeline incident database

Since the 1970s, the Australian pipeline industry has been capturing data on incidents in which pipelines have been damaged or threatened. Since 2003, the database has been capturing information on near misses as well as actual damage incidents. This provides additional data in order to identify patterns in the threats to pipelines, and has afforded insights into what causes external interference incidents and the types of equipment which inflict damage. APA Group’s Craig Bonar and consultant Peter Tuft explain the data gathered and its importance to the industry.

5 simple steps to total valve integrity

Jason Chisholm, Sealweld Corporation

Careful handling and storage of valves prior to installation, as well as following correct procedures during construction and commissioning, ensures a more efficient and safe pipeline, with less chance of lost production and failed isolations. This article outlines five steps to follow for a healthy valve.

Contract Resources: keeping pipes clean

Contract Resources provides a range of patented robotic in-pipe vehicles that utilise IPV Technology, which has significant advantages over conventional cleaning methods.

Savcor provides gaskets for water pipelines

Savcor is distributing Advance Products & Systems’ Trojan G-10 gaskets, which provide state-of-the art zero leakage static sealing for potable water pipelines.

Fatigue design for gas storage pipelines

Michael Law, ANSTO, and Phil Venton, Venton and Associates

New gas-fired power stations often require cyclic storage duty from gas pipelines. This makes fatigue a potential life limiting condition. The integrity analysis of these cycled gas storage pipelines is much more complex than conventional gas pipelines. This article provides some background to developers and designers based on experience gained in analysis of the design for a number of these pipelines.

Turning down the heat: surviving an Australian pipeline spread

The harsh Australian climate requires that comprehensive heat stress management procedures are established for pipeline workers. McConnell Dowell HSE Manager Ken Wyllie shares the dangers and the necessary precautions.

Trail-blazing never looked so safe: Pipeline Plant Hire

Safety is a constant and serious issue for all workers and operators in the pipeline industry. Pipeline Plant Hire Director Gerard O’Brien talks to The Australian Pipeliner about the importance of safety to his company and why the measures the company has put in place make it one of the industry’s leading safety innovators.

The complications of CSG: landholder issues and other community concerns

The rapid expansion in the coal seam gas industry over the past 20 years has resulted in growing community concern regarding industrial exploration and drilling on private property, particularly agricultural land. CNC Projects’ Management’s Dave Maloney and Ian Spence discuss some of the concerns that have been expressed, with a focus on the rights of landholders in Queensland, as well as contentious topics associated with the mining and extraction of coal seam gas in Australia.

Landing the project

LandPartners is a professional consultancy firm providing comprehensive pipeline services in survey, mapping, GIS, environmental planning and lands information.

Toowoomba Pipeline reaches completion

LinkWater Projects engaged the expertise of WDS Ltd, Clough and AECOM to deliver fast-tracked design and construction of the Toowoomba Pipeline. The project, which has brought water security to Toowoomba, was funded by LinkWater Projects on behalf of the Queensland Government’s Department of Infrastructure and Planning.

Cloncurry Water Pipeline brings relief

SunWater’s $42.5 million Cloncurry Pipeline, located in northwest Queensland, is delivering much needed drought relief to local residents. The Australian Pipeliner looks at how this vital pipeline came to fruition – from a Shire Council pipedream, to final completion ahead of schedule and under budget.

Save of the Century: MMG completes bypass pipeline

A failure on Minerals and Metals Group’s Century zinc mine slurry pipeline, located in northwest Queensland, required inspired planning and management to achieve the prompt construction of a bypass pipeline, avoiding significant product loss and an encroaching wet season.

Pipeline development in the land of the long white cloud

Sarah Paul

The North Island of New Zealand may be small, but below the picturesque views lie thousands of kilometres of gas pipelines carrying production from onshore and offshore fields. Here The Australian Pipeliner looks at developments in the New Zealand pipeline industry.

Encroachment: providing pipeline security in NZ

Peter Owbridge, Pipeline Controller, The New Zealand Refinery Company

Since its initial construction in 1986, the route of the Refinery to Auckland Pipeline has experienced much encroachment. Pipeline owner The New Zealand Refinery Company moved to increase security of the pipeline by acquiring ‘Designation’ status, which puts the pipeline in the public domain for the first time since it was installed, and allows The New Zealand Refinery Company input into any plan changes, developments and subdivisions proposed along the pipeline route.

Gas industry unites at FutureGAS 2010

Transmission pipelines, the bourgeoning LNG industry, natural gas vehicles and industry issues were discussed at the FutureGAS 2010 Conference and Exhibition held from 9–11 March at the Brisbane Sofitel.

PPIM: pigs on show in Texas

A dynamic forum discussing key trends, products and services in the pipeline inspection sector – the 22nd Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Maintenance Conference and Exhibition – was held in Houston, Texas, from 15 to 18 February 2010.

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