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The Australian Pipeliner

April 2011

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President’s Message

Peter Cox

Welcome to the April edition of The Australian Pipeliner. There are several companies in our industry that have been very busy working on the development of major pipeline and coal seam gas (CSG) projects, but many APIA members have been waiting to see these major projects result in real work for the industry.

Chief Executive’s report

Cheryl Cartwright

Discussion about climate change and a carbon tax is not going to quietly go away. Sure, it has diminished in the past as each political party ditched a policy that was too difficult to ‘sell’. This time, there’s no going back and that’s because it has been ditched before and, if the Prime Minister ditches it again, Labor has nowhere to go on the issue. It’s a gamble but it’s so far out from an election campaign that the Prime Minister is likely to get away with it.

APIA talks golf and gas in Perth

APIA members gathered at the Parmelia Hilton on 9 February 2011 for the Perth APIA dinner, where they heard from Apache Energy Deputy Managing Director Warren Ford.

Brisbane dinner hears of Queensland strength in the face of devastation

Attendees at the APIA dinner in Brisbane heard Federal Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources Ian Macfarlane speak about the impact and aftermath of the Queensland floods from the perspective of a Toowoomba local.

Melbourne dinner discusses environmental issues

Approximately 160 members attended the Melbourne APIA dinner to network and hear Independent Environmental Auditor for the Victorian Desalination Project Zena Helman discuss her work on the project.

YPFers off to the JTM

Steve Dobbie, APIA Business Manager

As in 2009, APIA has joined with the Australian Gas Industry Trust to offer four scholarships for young people to attend the 18th Biennial Joint Technical Meeting on Pipeline Research in San Francisco, USA, from 16–20 May 2011, and participate in an extended visit to pipeline and gas industry-related entities and companies in the USA and Canada.

NSW’s young pipeliners prepare for an action-packed 2011

The New South Wales YPF Committee has come off an exciting 2010 which saw young pipeliners take part in a number of site visits, including manufacturing plants as part of the Gang at the ’Gong tour, and a visit to the Young Compressor Station. The group also heard from experienced industry professionals such as Jonathon de Vos from UEA, who explained horizontal directional drilling (HDD) techniques, and Chris Harvey, who outlined the need for APIA’s Pipeline Engineering Training Program.

VIC YPF desalination site tour

Steve Dobbie, APIA Business Manager

Members of the Victorian YPF visited the Victorian Desalination Project and associated pipeline on 18 October 2010.

Learning on the job: Murray Durham

Having been involved in the oil and gas industry for a total of 29 years, Canadian-born Murray Durham has been involved in the Australian pipeline industry for 17 years. He has worked across a host of projects in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, with commercial responsibilities extending beyond Australia to gas projects in China and North America. Here, he shares with The Australian Pipeliner the lessons he has learnt from his diverse experience within the industry and discusses the exciting new framework which will educate future pipeliners.

Dynamic duos – welders and their TAs

Welders and their technical assistants (TAs) work long days in some of the toughest conditions, sometimes seeing more of each other than of their own families. This often results in a deep friendship and a lengthy partnership. The Australian Pipeliner asks some active welder and TA pairs about their relationship and why this strong bond is important when working in the pipeline industry.

Playing the pipeline game: Keith Horstmann

Throughout his career, Keith Horstmann has demonstrated an impressive versatility, shifting between various roles across a large number of pipeline projects. In the position of Executive Director at OSD Pipelines, Mr Horstmann brings his knowledge and experience to the table to outline what he sees in the future of Australia’s pipeline industry.

Unconventional but not unavailable: non-conventional gas opportunities in Australia

By Paul Beukelman, Beukelman & Associates Engineering Pty Ltd

The United States of America has experienced success with the exploration and production of unconventional gas – and it seems as if Australia is set to follow suit. Beukelman & Associates Engineering Director Paul Beukelman outlines the opportunities Australia has to tap into this previously overlooked resource.

Site report: QGP – Yarwun metering station facility

Jemena recently completed a new connection to the Queensland Gas Pipeline for Rio Tinto Alcan’s Yarwun Alumina Refinery Expansion in Gladstone. The company allowed The Australian Pipeliner a first-hand glimpse at the facility.

A bright future in the Pipeliner

By Scott Pearce, Editor, The Australian Pipeliner

In 2011, The Australian Pipeliner is more committed than ever to capturing the challenges and successes of Australia’s pipeliners and sharing those stories with the rest of the industry. We travel through regional, remote and metropolitan Australia meeting the men and women who dedicate their careers to bringing energy and water to Australian communities safely and efficiently – speaking with them about their latest projects, products and services.

Fred Verna

By Barry Wood

Fred Verna is a well-known, well-respected and well-liked welder who has been working in the Australian pipeline industry for approximately 40 years. Barry Wood speaks with Fred about his time in the industry.

Specialist asset earthing for pipelines in shared utility corridors

The increase in population densities in Australian towns and cities is leading to the increased usage of shared utility corridors for power transmission, pipelines and communications infrastructure, leaving assets and personnel at risk of surge voltages. Savcor CES designs and installs earthing systems to mitigate those risks.

WPM adopts social recruitment methods

WPM Consulting has embraced social media as a tool for locating potential candidates and strengthening relationships in the resource sector.

Hydraulic spreader bar for moving concrete-coated pipe

Schoenbeck has developed the ELiTE HYD-SB-14 – a new hydraulic spreader bar specifically designed for large-sized excavator applications. Here, the company describes its design brief and how the new product meets these unique requirements.

World’s first DN450 ploughing demonstration by Murphy Pipe and Civil

On 16 February 2011, Murphy Pipe and Civil hosted the world’s first demonstration to showcase the capabilities of its FSP 220 Fockersperger, ploughing a 450 mm high-density polyethylene pipe. The ploughing technology increases cost-efficiency, improves safety on projects and reduces the impact on environment compared to traditional open trench methods.

QCLNG contract – a milestone for Enerflex

Enerflex has been contracted by BG Group subsidiary QGC to supply the upstream triethylene glycol dehydration packages for the Queensland Curtis LNG Project in Queensland, representing a significant milestone in the region for Enerflex.

Precision torque wrenches

Pipeline joints, valves, pumps and machinery present access challenges for controlled bolting. Enerpac’s low profile torque wrenches and new generation bolting technology range provide the solution to these challenges.

Challenge the skills shortage through training

In a time when skills shortages are an increasing concern, Competency Training offers a solution in the form of a number of courses aimed at up-skilling and cross-training personnel to join the pipeline industry.

Landmark projects ensure lucrative careers are in the pipeline

The culmination of infrastructure works across Australia for mining and resources, coupled with landmark projects scheduled in Queensland over the next two decades, will create high demand for specific technical skills. Although lucrative job opportunities for pipeline professionals will be on offer, many of these projects are in unchartered territory for Australia.

High-pressure gas supply and transmission gaining Momentum across Australia

Momentum Engineering is currently progressing projects requiring the design of several new high-pressure gas facilities across Australia for a number of clients.

Funding available for workforce development

By Steve Davies, APIA Policy Adviser

Pipeliners have an opportunity to access government funding for training and skills development. The Critical Skills Investment Fund makes $200 million of Australian Government funding available to partially – between 50 and 90 per cent – fund projects that provide training and employment opportunities in critical industry sectors.

HDD for PTT: MacDow completes work in Thailand

Approximately two hours south of Bangkok, the McConnell Dowell pipeline and horizontal directional drilling crews have been working on two gas pipeline projects for the PTT Public Company Limited – the IRPC Pipeline and the Fourth Transmission Pipeline Interconnector Project.

Strengthening the natural gas supply for Melbourne’s outer east

Fresh from completing the Queensland Gas Pipeline expansion, Jemena is about to construct another multi-million dollar transmission pipeline – this time for Multinet Gas in Melbourne’s outer east.

Being pro-active with pipelines: the Mardi-Mangrove Link

Knowing that factors in the future may result in diminished water resources for the region, Wyong Shire and Gosford City councils are working in partnership to construct the Mardi-Mangrove Link, a pipeline that will help secure the Central Coast’s future water needs until 2050.

Keeping it safe: setting safe load limits for lifting pipe

Earthmoving equipment is often used to lift linepipe and other equipment on pipeline construction sites. Andrew Cook is a member of APIA’s Health, Safety and Environment Committee and also on the Australian Standard sub-committee for the AS1418.8 Cranes, Hoists and Winches – Part 8 Special Purpose Appliances. He talks to The Australian Pipeliner about the work those committees are doing to ensure appropriate lifting standards are in place to keep pipeline workers safe.

All States Truck and Commercial Rentals: understanding operator needs

All States Truck and Commercial Rental specialises in the hire of project-specific and off-road trucks. The company’s in-house design and manufacturing facility enables it to provide a wide range of trucks with specifications to suit any project.

Innovation and efficiency with Mark V vessels

In order to better accommodate customers’ high and heavy and breakbulk cargo, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics has introduced the Mark V vessel, a new roll-on/roll-off super vessel that will lead the shipping industry in sustainability and innovation.

Handling pipe? You need pipe-end protection

Pipes are handled by many parties before reaching their destination. In many cases, the pipe is also influenced by different climates as it is sometimes required to travel halfway around the world for a pipeline project. Dhatec explains how its new pipe-end protection can mitigate potential damage during the transportation process.

Managing the supply chain for offshore pipelines

Challenges in offshore pipeline construction logistics are numerous. The potential for costly delays to the pipeline construction schedule are considerable, and the resultant impact on the project can be extremely significant. DHL explains that from a logistics perspective, considerable time and experience has to be invested into developing a supply model that mitigates risks and helps clients exceed their safety, environmental, construction, and cost targets.

Weldability of pipeline steels

Chris Jones, Senior Metallurgist, BlueScope Steel

There are three important elements to address when using welding as a construction technique: the steel’s ability to be welded, the fabrication conditions under which it will be welded, and achieving satisfactory performance in service. This article discusses these points and gives a broad appreciation of weldability in the context of pipeline steels as the core component of pipeline construction.

Savcor delivers specialised HDPE welding for Werribee Main Sewer

The Werribee Main Sewer has delivered Melbourne’s wastewater to the Werribee Treatment Plant for over 50 years. Due to the deterioration of the original aqueduct spanning the Werribee River, its continued use required the replacement of the aqueduct section. Savcor Products’ specialist high-density polyethylene welding team ensured that the project was a success.

Welding inspection on the move

Important factors in testing the integrity of pipelines include ease and speed of scanning, code compliance, and the ability to store data for condition monitoring. Olympus’ WeldROVER is designed to meet all of these needs.

Victoria’s productive pipelines

Millions of Victorian residents use natural gas each day, unaware of the well-established pipeline network that steadily supplies them. The Australian Pipeliner reviews existing transmission pipelines and tracks the exciting progress of current projects to give due credit to the incredible web of infrastructure which has been developed through the years.

Managing the WAG Pipeline

Located predominantly in built-up areas, the WAG Pipeline is fast-approaching 40 years of service. Former WAG Pipeline Manager Colin Symonds talks to The Australian Pipeliner about the unique challenges in managing the oil pipeline.

Land use planning around pipelines

Peter Tuft, Peter Tuft and Associates, and Steve Davies, APIA Policy Adviser

When proponents propose pipelines, they must comply with standards designed to minimise danger and damage to other land users. However, once a pipeline has been constructed, changes in land use surrounding the pipeline – most commonly through urban development – can create serious problems for pipeline operators.

Land access consultants – time to step up to the plate

Jamahl Waddington, Director of Business Development, Maloney Field Services

With the recent media attention focused on the coal seam gas industry in Queensland and New South Wales, the role of land access has been catapulted squarely into the spotlight. While the attention has predominantly centred around upstream coal seam gas activities, there is nonetheless a flow-on effect for land access in the midstream sector and across infrastructure development in general.

A better way to connect, share and innovate with stakeholders

Mipela GeoSolutions, an industry leader in connecting people with data technology and information, has introduced a rapid-response integrated data solution to overcome the challenge of establishing, maintaining and sharing accurate and reliable information among all relevant parties on pipeline projects.

Sentanil Systems acquires Epic software modules

Sentanil Systems has acquired Epic Energy’s pipeline construction management software modules including the Construction Management System, Alignment Sheet Generator, Facilities Management System, Eddict/Field Data Capture, and the AS2885 risk management database.

Gas detectors

Easy control of gas detectors with Savcor’s GDS Combi Controller

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