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The Australian Pipeliner

April 2012

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Golfing fun in WA

Competition amongst APIA members was fierce at this year’s WA golf tournament, as 24 teams battled it out for the championship title.

APIA Brisbane dinner hears of key challenges on the QSN3

On Thursday 16 February, an impressive gathering of 340 guests attended the APIA Brisbane Dinner held at the Brisbane Hilton.

Are YOU a part of the Young Pipeliners Forum?

Are you “young”? Are you a part of Australia’s brilliant pipeline industry? Are you a member of your state’s Young Pipeliners Forums? No? Well, why not!

Chief Executive’s Report

While Australia has been described as the land of opportunity – we can safely say the pipeline industry is the industry of opportunity.

President’s Message

Every organisation needs to stop for a moment and take stock of their role and direction. APIA does this every three years at Board level and also from time-to-time by including various representatives of the Association in a day of review.

Talking construction with Mark Bumpstead

As Managing Director of Nacap Australia since 2003, Mark Bumpstead plans, manages and directs all activities for Nacap across Australia, South East Asia and various Pacific Rim countries.

Crackerjack-ing with the VIC YPF

In what has now become a tradition for many branches of the YPF, the first event of the year for the Victorian YPF was enjoyed with a meet at the Richmond Union Bowls Club on 23 February.

Worker on the line: Eddie Cody

Hailing from the distant shores of Ireland, Murphy Pipe and Civil Pipe Fitter Eddie Cody joined the Australian pipeline scene in 1995, and has been thankful to have secured a role in the vibrant industry ever since.

Exciting progress for the APIA Pipeline Engineer Training Project

In the October 2011 edition of The Australian Pipeliner, APIA included an article on the association’s Pipeline Engineer Training Project. In addition to providing the rationale for the project, the article explained what had been achieved in Stage 1 of the project through the creation of the APIA Guide to AS2885 and the APIA Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards and set out the program for Stage 2 of the project.

Murphy Pipe and Civil builds its team for the future

Securing a string of large-scale pipeline and civil construction projects across Queensland has prompted the rapidly-growing company Murphy Pipe and Civil to expand its executive and project management teams.

Barry Wood

by Barry Wood

Three weeks work – that was what I was offered in 1969 – three weeks work on a Pearson Holiday detection survey of the 750 mm Longford to Dandenong Gas Pipeline recently completed by Saipem for the Gas & Fuel Corporation.

Major water pipeline construction kicks-off in Queensland

Murphy Pipe and Civil is set for a busy 2012, with the Brisbane-based pipeline construction company announcing on 28 February that it had secured a large-scale water pipeline construction project in northern Queensland.

Reflections on an industry stalwart: Barry Wood

Throughout his lengthy career in the Australian pipeline industry, Barry Wood has made an indelible impact on the industry, most notably through what is now known as The Australian Pipeliner. Barry made many great friendships within the industry, and now some of those friends have shared their reflections of working with Barry, marking the occasion of his recent retirement.

The Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme

by Terry Charlton, CEO, Snowy Hydro Ltd

The Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme is one of the most complex integrated water and hydro-electric power schemes in the world. The scheme, which was constructed from 1949–74, was a pioneering engineering feat for Australia and the world, and remains a fixture in Australia’s calendar of historical achievements.

The Northern Territory: the new pipelines frontier

by Sally Commins

Courtesy of January’s final investment decision for INPEX’s Ichthys Project, located at Blaydin Point near Darwin, the Northern Territory is about to witness major pipeline and construction activity across the state.

Keeping the NT in line: Brett Struck

Brett Struck has been a part of the Northern Territory pipeline industry for a total of 29 years, with 17 years as the Northern Territory pipeline regulator, responsible for licensing transmission pipelines.

Building the future of energy in the NT

Construction on the world-class Ichthys Project has recently begun, following a final investment decision made by joint venture partners INPEX and Total in January 2012.

A long engagement: acquiring and operating the AGP

Last year, APA Group acquired the Amadeus Gas Pipeline, greatly expanding its Northern Territory asset portfolio. The Australian Pipeliner speaks to APA General Manager Wendy Oldham to find out more about the company’s Northern Territory operations and what is involved in the day-to-day management of Australia’s second-longest pipeline.

Advocating the highest standard of joint integrity

Global joint integrity specialist and engineering services company Hydratight has helped achieve leak-free bolted joints on refinery and production facilities for over thirty years. Its safety-promoting products are fundamental to the construction and operation of energy facilities and its management systems are being implemented by companies around the world.

KT to reduce greenhouse emissions at Gorgon

Oil and gas pipeline construction company KT Pty Ltd has secured a contract with Chevron Australia to prepare and construct a CO2 pipeline as well as injection well sites for the Chevron-operated Gorgon Project, located on Barrow Island in Western Australia.

A new alternative to dry sliding installation

Richmond Wheel & Castor has provided an alternative solution to a dry sliding installation when locating a new pipeline inside an existing larger diameter pipeline.

NationWide expands for the future

Plant hire organisation NationWide Hire has begun a major expansion of its capabilities due to the support of new shareholder, Omni Technical Solutions.

Semi-trenchless pipeline installation with the BulletPlow

Mitchell Water has introduced the BulletPlow, a machine which uses a vibrating trenchless method to lay polyethylene pipe with minimal ground disturbance.

The importance of cadastral surveying for boundary work

Surveying service company Definium advises its clients to stay on the front foot with boundary definition to minimise the risk of attracting standby rates from civil contractors and potentially compromising expensive infrastructure.

Increasing demand for home-grown talent

Engineering skill shortages have been a common and recurring problem over the last decade. Here, engineering recruitment specialist Bayside Personnel discusses how companies can address the issue by focusing on developing and up-skilling their existing employees.

Introducing Hebao: a new player in the Australian pipeline industry

From its humble Australian beginnings in Queensland in 2010, Hebao Pipeline Company now supplies plastic and steel pipe throughout the Australian market.

Working on the world’s longest undersea HDD recovery operation

In 2007–08, a pioneering horizontal directional drilling project commenced using trenchless technology on the Berri Causeway and Abu Ali Island on the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia.

WWL: shipping direct from Texas to Australia

During March 2012, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics commenced two direct sailings from Galveston, Texas to Australia as an extension to its established Americas to Oceania service.

Sourcing quality pipeline repair and maintenance

PLIDCO® is a family-owned business located in the United States that was founded in 1949 by Joseph and Berneice Smith.

An introduction to unpiggable pipelines

by Keith Leewis, PhD PEng

The definition of ‘unpiggable’ still raises some controversy; however, it best describes difficulty and sometimes expresses unknowns. All pipelines are piggable, just some require more ingenuity, because they are exceedingly expensive to inspect. Sometimes the label is assigned because a new operator doesn’t know if the system they just bought came with sufficiently good records to find potential pigging obstacles.

Redesigning CP systems as part of a pipeline rehabilitation program

by Torsten Krebs, German Cathodic Protection GmbH & Co. KG, Essen, Germany

Cathodic corrosion protection is today’s state-of-the-art way of preventing external corrosion on steel pipelines. Therefore, with respect to the rehabilitation of pipelines and their integrity, cathodic protection has a major influence on the lifetime expectancy for the rehabilitated pipeline.

Qualifications for gas transmission workers

by Steve Davies, Policy Adviser, APIA

A new issue of the Gas Industry Training Package, UEG 11, was endorsed for release by EE-Oz, the industry skills council responsible for gas supply, late last year. Of particular interest to the gas transmission industry will be the new Certificate II in Gas Transmission Construction.

Improving development planning for the betterment of pipeline safety

A clear set of regulations is needed to cover future development near major infrastructure pipelines to protect the public, developers and pipeline owners, according to Fyfe Managing Director Mark Dayman.

EPBC evolution: what will the changes mean for your next project?

by Ian Spence, General Manager – Western Australia, CNC Project Management

The environmental regulatory regime that pipelines and other major projects operate under in Australia is complex and can be a frustrating and lengthy process. The Federal Government has commissioned a review of the legislation that governs this area and recently outlined its planned changes to the regime.

Digging into location classification

In a series of posts on his blog Pipelines Oz, pipeline expert Peter Tuft has written extensively on location classification as a concept that all pipeliners should be aware of in the industry. In this article, Mr Tuft’s series of blog posts on location classification have been collated into a concise summary of the issue.

X-Info Connect manages nationwide information

Mipela GeoSolutions, an information management company, has worked with Epic Energy for a number of years. Here, Mipela explains how it implemented its X-Info Connect Stakeholder Management Solution last year to manage Epic’s landholder information and stakeholder communications.

Sentanil – making project management simple

Project management and control of traceability is simple with Sentanil Systems’ suite of pipeline construction information management systems.

Preparation meets opportunity with the GGP expansion projects

New demand from the iron ore mining sector in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, has provided APA Group with the opportunity to undertake two expansion projects on the Goldfields Gas Pipeline, both of which are underpinned by long-term gas transportation agreements with major mining companies.

Lessons learnt on Sugarloaf

by the Alliancing Association of Australasia

Rear-view lessons learnt from successful, complex projects such as the Sugarloaf Pipeline can provide useful insights for industry participants facing significant technical, social and environmental challenges on current projects.

‘Rein’-ing in greater energy security for WA at Devil Creek

After a year of construction filled with unique challenges, Apache Corporation and Santos have completed the Reindeer Raw Gas Pipeline, which will be delivering domestic gas from offshore Western Australia to the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline, assisting the state’s energy security.

Confronting issues in pipeline transportation

The safe transportation of large diameter pipe is a continuously evolving aspect of the industry, particularly with increasingly stringent OH&S requirements and demand for projects to be completed on time and under budget.

APA Group – working together for zero harm

In order to maximise management of health, safety and environmental issues, APA Group has implemented a new system that will help the company achieve its commitment to a zero-harm work environment within each of its various offices across the nation.

Addressing excavator safety on the construction site

In their standard form, excavators are not presently equipped with crane-type instrumentation, and are therefore limited in their pipe lifting capacities, according to Plantmech.

Development of common CCS infrastructure in the UK

by James Watt, Technical Manager – CCS/Renewable Energy, AMEC

The development of common infrastructure for carbon capture and storage is becoming an important issue in the pipeline industry. Large-scale deployment of carbon capture and storage will need considerable transport infrastructure, which is optimised by using common facilities and pipelines.

Fatigue and its relationship to roster cycle length

by Helen Wood, Managing Director, TMS Consulting

Roster design and work schedules, if poorly designed or managed ineffectively, are associated with a variety of psychosocial and physiological problems that can affect the health and well-being of workers. In the pipeline industry, fatigue is a key emerging variable which is becoming increasingly prominent in terms of management strategies and is one that demands attention.

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