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The Australian Pipeliner

July 2011

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President’s Message

Peter Cox

Welcome to the July edition of The Australian Pipeliner. In May, we saw a major milestone achieved by APIA that will have a significant positive impact on safety in the burgeoning coal seam gas (CSG) industry in Australia. It was the formal release of the APIA Code of Practice for Upstream Polyethylene (PE) Gathering Networks. At the APIA dinner in Brisbane on 19 May, I had the honour of formally handing over the Code of Practice to the Minister for Employment, Skills and Mining, Stirling Hinchliffe. Also present was the Shadow Minister for Energy and Water Utilities Steve Dickson, the Chief Inspector of Petroleum and Gas in the Queensland Mines and Energy Group Stephen Matheson, and 360 pipeliners and guests.

Chief Executive’s report

Cheryl Cartwright

Australia’s pipeline industry – and many of APIA’s members – are facing some real challenges in the next few years. While we can say that challenges offer opportunities, we must also be realistic and recognise the fact that we need to take action in order to deal with challenges and make the most of opportunities.

Brisbane Seminar makes pipeline safety first priority

The APIA Seminar held at the Brisbane Sofitel on 19 May took on a safety focus, showing that although the Australian pipeline industry can be proud of its zero fatality rate, it should not become complacent.

Tero tells Adelaide: no such thing as too much information

Land access was high on the agenda at the Adelaide APIA Dinner, with Maloney Field Services’ Adrian Tero taking the stand to explain the importance of consistent and transparent communication with landholders.

Pipeline knowledge tested at WA APIA and YPF Quiz Night

By Jodi Gratton and Peter Kneale

Do you know the name of the longest subsea pipeline in the world? If you answered the Langeled Pipeline, which connects Norway to the United Kingdom, then you were probably at the WA APIA and YPF Quiz Night.

On POG: all things pipeline operation

Approximately 60 pipeliners attended the Pipeline Operators Group Seminar, held on 14 April and sponsored by Rosen and McConnell Dowell, to hear about a range of the issues facing pipeline operators in Australia, such as unpiggable pipelines, pipeline easement maintenance, the failure criteria of pipe, and the reliability of associated infrastructure.

2011 Pipeline Research JTM:  working toward a strategic plan for global pipeline research

Steve Dobbie, APIA Business Manager

Hosted by the Pipeline Research Council International, the 18th Biennial Joint Technical Meeting on Pipeline Research was held from 16–20 May 2011 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, California, USA.

Victorian YPFers have a ‘bowl’ of a time

Despite the fact that the majority of the attendees had never played lawn bowls before, the Victorian YPFers had a great time networking and learning a new sport at the Richmond Union Bowling Club.

Round the bend and on to Dandenong: Vic YPF site visits

On Friday 27 May, 15 members of the Victorian Young Pipeliners Forum were treated to not one, but two educational site visits: the Inductabend factory and APA Group’s Dandenong LNG Facility.

SA YPF network in the Barossa Valley

Josh Wickham reports on the successful and enjoyable tour of several Barossa Valley wineries undertaken by the South Australian branch of the Young Pipeliners Forum.

Governing gas: one-on-one with Martin Ferguson

Journalists Katherine St Lawrence and Stephanie Clancy recently put their questions to the Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson, about the Federal Government’s perspective on the issues which are shaping Australia’s gas and oil transmission industry.

An industry player of Epic proportions

Epic Energy, although not established until 1996, traces its roots back to the construction of the Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline in the late 1960s. The company now owns and operates around 2,400 km of pipelines in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, maintains 659 km of pipeline on behalf of other owners, and is currently duplicating its 937 km South West Queensland Pipeline.

An earthshaking success: the repair of the Amadeus to Darwin Pipeline

Veteran pipe welder Laurie Atkins tells The Australian Pipeliner about his work on the Northern Territory’s Amadeus Basin to Darwin natural gas pipeline when it was damaged by earthquakes in 1988.

Pipeliner farewells Pearcey

After more than eight years with Great Southern Press, Scott Pearce has moved on from Editor of The Australian Pipeliner to pursue a new career path.

Automated pipeline welding systems: past, present and into the future

By Bob Teale, Teale Pipe Welding Solutions

Pipeline welding as we have known it for the past 83 years started in 1927 with the introduction of the Lincoln Electric Fleetweld 5 cellulosic electrode. While there is no doubt that cellulosic pipeline welding has proven to be a very cost-effective welding process and will remain so for years to come, it is limited technically in terms of yield strength, weld-toughness properties, and production rates on large diameter/thick wall pipelines.

Land access: the good, the bad and the ugly

Project development often involves careful landholder liaison and land access negotiation. Maloney Field Services’ Adrian Tero recently addressed the APIA Adelaide Dinner, explaining solutions to improve communication between project proponents and land owners.

Business marketing: the value of advertising online

Does your marketing plan include a budget for online ads? Find out why placing advertisements online is no longer an optional extra.

Jim Kwiatkowski


Veteran pipe welder Jim Kwiatkowski talks to Barry Wood about the challenges, changes and colourful characters he’s seen throughout a 40-year career.

Australian pipelines – world-class transportation of energy

The 2011 APIA Annual Convention and Exhibition will showcase Australian expertise and encourage discussion about issues that are critical to the industry’s future.

TMS Consulting: delivering total business solutions

TMS Consulting works with its clients to deliver total business solutions – from the highest level of strategic planning to the detailed operational implementation of an initiative.

Murphy Pipe and Civil has maximum rock trenching muscle

When Murphy Pipe and Civil required a powerful trenching machine that could efficiently handle extremely tough and rocky trenching terrains, the company looked no further than Vermeer’s T1055 Trencher. The Australian Pipeliner checks in with the company’s director Tom Dermody to hear first-hand how the trencher is performing in some of Australia’s rockiest terrain.

InVista tool ends Quest for intelligent pigging of unpiggable pipelines

Since 2008, Quest Integrity Group has been using its proprietary InVista ultrasonic intelligent pigging technology to inspect pipelines that cannot be inspected using traditional intelligent pigging tools.

Timely project development with Fyfe

Based in Adelaide, Fyfe Engineers & Surveyors delivers efficient surveying and engineering services to land developers and oil and gas companies in Australia.

Securatrak: keeping remote workers safe

GPS tracking expert Securatrak are at the forefront of lone worker duress solutions, providing occupational health and safety-based driver performance and safety solutions for companies such as Santos and BHP Billiton.

Networking with Jemena: upgrades underway for the JGN

Jemena plans to invest $810 million over the next five years to upgrade, expand and extend its 23,000 km Jemena Gas Network, which delivers gas to more than one million homes and businesses throughout New South Wales. The company has already started on key projects that form part of this upgrade.

World’s first robotic flange to tube welding cell

When Dutch company Kranendonk was asked to assist with improving the weld quality, flexibility of production, and cycle and delivery times for pipe sections it responded by implementing the world’s first robotic flange to tube welding cell.

Enerflex at work on the DBNGP

DBP has awarded two contracts to Enerflex Process for various civil, mechanical, electrical and construction works associated with the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline in Western Australia.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics: committed to ‘green’ shipping

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics is an environmental forerunner in the shipping industry, committed to delivering a sustainable future with a vision of one day having a zero emissions supply chain.

Pipe flow software available from Accutech

Perth-based Accutech has been supplying, supporting and training in-pipe flow software for over 25 years. The company has now released its design guides, software and descriptive brochures onto a single CD for the benefit of the pipeline industry.

HDPE linings for durability

Savcor is constantly reviewing protection systems for all types of assets in corrosive environments, and has adopted plastic liners as its premium solution for the protection of concrete water and wastewater assets.

Building pipelines to a higher standard with Darby Equipment

Darby Equipment is a worldwide industry leader in designing, manufacturing and providing pipeline equipment and supplies. Leading contractors know that when they purchase or rent from Darby Equipment they are getting equipment designed for operational ease and reliability.

Pipeline Toolbox: the pipeline professional’s software of choice

Technical Toolboxes has expanded its well-known Pipeline Toolbox software to include SI/Metric units for the international pipeline industry.

VIETZ launches butt-welding crawler for PE pipeline construction

The release of the new coal seam gas Code of Practice, and the demand being created in Australia with the ramp up of polyethylene transmission systems have prompted VIETZ and Sunset Equipment to release the VIETZ FUSIONTRAC 500.

Redstar powers up for welders

Redstar offers complete lines of industrial diesel welders, generators, industrial and mobile compressors, lighting towers and site fuel tanks with the most fuel efficient options available across its entire range of products. It is now offering Denyo’s all-in-one dual operator DC welding plant and AC generator – the DCW-480ESW.

Industry needs a vision to influence policy

Steve Davies, APIA Policy Adviser

The Federal Minister for Resources and Energy has signalled in several speeches that an Energy White Paper team has been reformed and that a policy will be developed by the end of 2012. APIA Policy Adviser Steve Davies calls upon the pipeline industry to start thinking about the energy markets of the future.

Keeping up with CSG: pipelines in NSW and Queensland

Stephanie Chan

The pipeline industry in both Queensland and New South Wales is booming with the successful production of coal seam gas. The Australian Pipeliner takes a look at the projects currently in progress in these states.

Code of Practice launch makes Brisbane Dinner history

Over 350 APIA members witnessed pipeline history being made at the Brisbane Sofitel on 19 May, with the launch of the Code of Practice for Upstream Polyethylene Gathering Networks.

Keeping to the Code: Hugh Luckhurst-Smith

In May 2011, APIA launched the Code of Practice for Upstream Polyethylene Gathering Networks, a document that has been prepared for and by the coal seam gas industry to improve safety and promote best practice in polyethylene pipe installation. The Australian Pipeliner speaks to committee Chair Hugh Luckhurst-Smith about how it was developed and what its introduction means for the Australian pipeline industry.

NSW pipelines: stepping up from natural to coal seam gas

Stephanie Chan

Unlike other Australian states, New South Wales has no known commercially viable natural gas fields. However, recent exploration in a number of areas has indicated that the state may contain significant reserves of coal seam gas. Here, The Australian Pipeliner takes a look at the explosion of pipeline activity that has occurred as a result of these coal seam gas discoveries, and reviews the existing transmission pipeline network the new projects will join.

Building the Bega to Yellow Pinch Dam Pipeline

When the Bega Valley Shire Council wanted to secure its water supply for the long term, it turned to Mitchell Water to construct the Bega to Yellow Pinch Dam Pipeline.

NSW’s pipeline industry awaits new regulatory regime

Ian Spence, CNC Project Management

Following the New South Wales State Government elections on 26 March 2011, the newly elected Coalition Government has moved quickly to introduce several changes that will impact directly on the approvals regime of the gas pipeline industry within the state.

To buy or not to buy – Nacap’s Ross Demby answers the question

Equipment and machinery can be significant costs for construction companies delivering pipeline projects. Nacap Equipment Manager Ross Demby talks The Austalian Pipeliner through the factors to be considered when deciding whether to purchase or rent equipment and machinery.

Trenchless uncovered

Sarah Paul

Trenchless technology can offer a more sustainable solution to the installation of pipelines and other infrastructure when faced with road and rail crossings, environmentally sensitive areas, and construction in urban areas. The Australian Pipeliner looks at some of the benefits of using trenchless methods.

A Direct approach with pipelines

René von Rautenkranz, Herrenknecht (Asia) Ltd

Herrenknecht has developed a new trenchless method that may improve the speed and efficiency of trenchless pipeline installation. This article examines the technique behind the “Direct Pipe”method and looks at some of the projects in which it has been successfully implemented.

APA Springhurst flow reversal upgrade on the VTS

APA Group has recently completed the Victorian Northern Augmentation Project, which involved a number of upgrades to enhance the operation of its Victorian Transmission System. Two major developments include conversion of the Springhurst Compressor Station to bi-directional operation, and the expansion of the Wollert Compressor Station.

How to perform a pipeline MAOP upgrade

APA Group has increased the maximum allowable operating pressure on the Wollert to Euroa pipeline as part of a number of upgrade works it has undertaken on its Victorian pipeline system. APA shares the process of how this was accomplished with The Australian Pipeliner.

Increasing capacity: relieving pipeline pressure

Michael Peoples and David Gratton, OSD Pipelines

There often comes a time in a pipeline’s life where the system becomes constrained for throughput or inventory capacity. Many pipeline systems in Australia have undergone capacity increases of different kinds. This article gives an overview of a few options for increasing a pipeline’s throughput.

Longtom: an environmental perspective

In May 2009, an offshore campaign for the $315 million Longtom Gas Development began, transitioning proponent Nexus Energy from explorer to producer. Aventus Consulting Principal Environmental Consultant Giulio Pinzone describes his experience auditing the project.

3M revolutionises three-layer coatings for offshore pipelines

For over 50 years, 3M has delivered innovative coating products for the corrosion protection of oil, gas and water pipelines under the Scotchkote brand. 3M’s newest technology, 3M Scotchkote PNC1011 field joint coating, is revolutionising three-layer coatings for offshore pipelines by providing a three-layer field joint coating solution in only two layers.

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