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The Australian Pipeliner

October 2011

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President’s Message

Peter Cox, President

This is my final Australian Pipeliner message to you as President of APIA – a role that has been thoroughly rewarding, although demanding at times.

Chief Executive’s Report

Cheryl Cartwright, Chief Executive

It has been 26 years since the APIA Annual Convention was held in Sydney. In 1985, there were approximately 130 attendees – and there wasn’t an exhibition. The event was held at Manly, with gym classes on the beach to start the days.

Barnett at odds with industry: APIA

Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett has recently disappointed the pipeline industry with his inexplicable support for shipping LNG around the Australian coast, rather than via transmission pipeline, for use in Australia.

Sydney hears about opportunities on the east coast

Addressing the APIA Sydney Dinner in July, ERM Power’s Andy Pittlik stated that an unprecedented level of investment is forecast for gas power generation over the next 10 to 15 years in Australia.

WA Seminar and Dinner Dance comes out on top

The recent APIA WA Chapter Seminar defied an ash cloud, which closed Perth airport, and nearly stranded many of the Seminar’s speakers.

Discussing the complexities of the industry

Young pipeliner Clayton Warner addressed the APIA Brisbane Dinner about his recent experience in North America, attending the Joint Technical Meeting and pipeline operators’ facilities as part of the APIA Study Tour.

NT gas development: opportunities in hurdles

More than 50 attendees at the APIA Darwin Dinner, held on 14 July at Pee Wee’s at the Point, heard from Falcon Oil & Gas Northern Territory Representative John Carroll as he outlined how hurdles in gas development can be seen as opportunities.

Addressing productivity in Melbourne

The APIA Melbourne dinner, held at the Hilton on the Park on Thursday 2 June, brought pipeliners’ attention to Australia’s changing industrial relations sector and its inevitable impact on the industry.

2011 JTM and Study Tour: lessons learnt from North America

by Douglas Woods, Senior Pipeline Engineer, OSD Pipelines; with input from Josh Wickham, Clayton Warner, and Thomas Schambron

In early 2011, four young engineers – Josh Wickham, Clayton Warner, Tom Schambron and Douglas Woods – were awarded scholarships by the APIA and the Australian Gas Industry Trust to take part in the 18th Joint Technical Meeting, held in San Francisco from 16–20 May 2011.

NSW YPF hears from EPCRC

On Tuesday 2 August, the NSW YPF held a meeting with Jemena focused on the latest developments of the Energy Pipelines Co-operative Research Centre, presented by CEO Valerie Linton.

Speaking out about network pressure regulation

On Thursday 28 July, a group of young pipeliners gathered at the Bull and Bear in Melbourne Tavern for the Victorian YPF Speaker Night.

APIA RSC – keeping Australia at the international pipeline forefront

The APIA Research and Standards Committee has been in operation for over 15 years, and continues to go from strength to strength in providing research leadership for the pipeline industry.

Preventing fractures at the Energy Pipelines CRC

by Valerie Linton, CEO, Energy Pipelines CRC

The pipeline industry in Australia faces many challenges relating to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of pipelines. There is significant experience in the industry and a strong commitment to innovation. It is this commitment that has led to a dedicated group of companies, banded together by the APIA Research and Standards Committee, to lead a bid for and win Commonwealth funding for the establishment of an Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre.

APIA to hear of adventures in the Antarctic

Delegates at the 2011 APIA Convention are to be addressed by keynote speaker Rachael Robertson, who will be presenting on the topic of leadership based on her experiences leading a research expedition in the Antarctic.

Victoria’s fresh vision for pipelines

In November 2010, the Liberal Government was sworn in as Victoria’s new state government. Michael O’Brien, as the new Minister for Energy and Resources, brings with him a fresh and innovative vision for pipeline development in Victoria. Mr O’Brien recently spoke to The Australian Pipeliner about the Government’s plans to incentivise construction of gas infrastructure in Victoria and the challenges the industry faces within the state.

Keeping pipelines in the family

by Sally Commins, Associate Editor

Over the past half-century, the Australian pipeline industry has grown to include a wealth of colourful industry figures and families into its network.

Man and machine:  getting the job done

In any pipeline construction project, functioning machinery is integral to getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Here, The Australian Pipeliner profiles some of the industry’s experienced machine operators and their tips for keeping a pipeline’s completion on course.

Worker on the line: Mike Duffy

More than two decades after working on his first pipeline project, the Roma to Gladstone pipeline, KT Pipelines Sideboom Operator Mike Duffy’s passion for working in the pipeline industry remains unchanged.

Australian manufacturing: securing domestic pipeline construction

The domestic manufacture of steel line pipe in Australia has a long and impressive history in the evolution of Australian industry. Recently, the increasing uptake of foreign-manufactured steel has threatened the viability of the domestic industry. However, there are still numerous benefits to domestic supply that cannot be met by international businesses.

The Australian carbon tax: what will it mean for the pipeline industry?

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s announcement of a carbon pricing mechanism for Australia will, pending legislation, undoubtedly have implications for the future of the Australian manufacturing industry.

Training the future in pipelines

One of the most important initiatives embarked upon by APIA over the last few years has been its Pipeline Engineer Training Project, which has been directed by APIA Project Manager Chris Harvey.

A day in the life of a compressor station worker

As the Operations Support Officer for Epic Energy at the Wallumbilla Compressor Station in Queensland, Prue Gilfillan has taken on a dream role of experiencing the pipeline industry out in the field and gaining valuable knowledge first-hand from experienced operators.

Great Southern Press opens new office in China

Publisher of The Australian Pipeliner, Great Southern Press is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Qingdao, China.

Expanding under WA:  the Mondarra Gas Storage Facility

In order to meet new service requirements for its customers, APA Group will be undertaking a project to expand and further develop the Mondarra Gas Storage Facility, located in Western Australia.

Application of underwater welding processes for subsea pipelines

by Vijay Vijayaraghavan, Principal Integrity and QA Engineer, Santos

While welding repairs or hot tapping onshore pipelines is a common occurrence, welding repairs on subsea pipelines is most often never even considered. However, the risks involved with welding subsea in-service pipelines underwater is present and needs to be managed by ensuring that, when conducted welding is performed in a reproducible and consistent manner.

Cathodic protection explained

Cathodic protection plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and longevity of a pipeline. Mark Dragar, Engineering Delivery Manager at Jemena, spoke with The Australian Pipeliner about why cathodic protection is so important for the long-term health of a pipeline, how the system is implemented and the final design of the cathodic protection system on the Colongra pipeline.

3M Australia introduces new oil and gas division

In November 2010, 3M created its Oil and Gas group in Australia, which brings 3M innovation closer and more easily into this exciting industry.

Orbital thermoplastic welding equipment for internal pipe welding

As a technology-driven company, Savcor is always on the lookout for technologies that will improve clients’ outcomes. In doing so, the development of orbital welding equipment for high density polyethylene-lined reinforced concrete pipe has taken place.

Wasco expanding to the Gulf

While Australian activities are keeping the company busy, Wasco continues to look for more action in other parts of the world.

Astec and Trencor: supporting the growing pipeline industry

Q: What is reliable, user-friendly, and found on pipeline projects across Australia? A: A Trencor trencher supplied by Astec Australia.

QuickFace – turning a two-man operation into a one-man job

Refacing smaller diameter pipe flanges can be a real problem where the job is in awkward or hazardous locations. Enerpac offers a solution to this potential safety, maintenance and leakage problem in the Hydratight QuickFace portable hand-powered flange-facing tool.

Vehicle safety on the QCLNG

Sargent is the preferred light commercial vehicle supplier for the McConnell Dowell and Consolidated Contractors Company Joint Venture on the Queensland Curtis LNG Project, and have approached the task with a particular emphasis on safety and reliability.

Gearing up on QCLNG

PipeLine Machinery International has been working to get equipment out to contractors building the pipeline sections of the Queensland Curtis LNG Project.

What a stud: wear-resistant TungStuds

With a core made of Betek tungsten carbide, the anti-wear Betek TungStuds can be welded onto nearly any metal surface, and repeatedly replaced if necessary. These studs were recently tested in tough conditions on a trench-cutting wheel. The results that were achieved exceeded client expectations, with the studs demonstrating minimal wear and optimum protection for newly purchased milling/cutting segments.

Second generation Omniscan: an Olympic achievement

Following the success of the Olympus Omniscan MXU and MXU-M phased-array ultrasound flaw detectors, Olympus has released the second generation Omniscan MX-2, which offers increased testing efficiencies with faster setups and data transfer.

We’ve got it under control: ES&S

In the wake of several 2010 incidents, new requirements concerning leak detection capability have forced pipeline operators to take a hard look at leak detection methodology, particularly for new pipeline construction projects. Environmental Systems and Services explains how fibre- optic systems can be used for early damage detection of pipelines.

Vietz pipe products now on the market

In 2010, Brisbane-based company Sunset Equipment became the Australian distributor for the world-renowned Vietz range of ancillary equipment for the oil and gas pipeline industry.

Look out for the Pipeliner team at APIA

Since 1972, Great Southern Press has been a partner to the pipeline industry through its flagship publication, The Australian Pipeliner. The team will once again be at APIA Convention to provide up-to-date event news, photographs, and the latest info on new product and service offerings.

TMS Consulting optimises its office location

Specialists in optimising people and performance, TMS Consulting has moved into much larger offices to support the growth being experienced by the organisational consultancy.

Boddingtons – the complete range in pipeline protection products

Boddingtons manufactures and distributes plastic warning tapes and extruded meshes for the protection, detection and warning of underground cable and pipelines for gas, fuel, electricity, water and fibre optic communication lines.

Vemco environmental management for the pipeline industry

Vemco Group is a well-established company with over 400 employees and 200 contractors, having grown significantly since commencing operations in 1995 as a power utility-contracting company.

Training the future of Australia’s oil and gas industries

Romea is providing nationally-recognised funded Certificate III and Certificate IV traineeships in the oil and gas transmission and gas distributions industries in all Australian states and territories.

Anode Engineering’s new goals

Brisbane-based Anode Engineering is experiencing unprecedented growth, but founder Wayne Burns is not fazed by the challenges. Drawing on his team’s 40 years of industry experience, he’s ready to innovate.

Considering gas compressor stations with Solar Turbines

The economic success of a gas compression operation depends on the compressors involved. Decisions about layout have an impact on the station’s fuel consumption and operational flexibility. The relationship between pressures and flows in a pipeline influences the arrangement of compressors in a station, as well as the type of equipment used.

See the whole pipeline defect picture with MagneScan

After over two years of operation, the latest MagneScan in-line inspection tool continue to attract attention for their high-performance defect detection and sizing.

A better way to connect, share and innovate with stakeholders

Any infrastructure project will impact on multiple parcels of land, easements, tenements, road/water casements, and will have associated Native Title and environmental issues. Mipela GeoSolution’s X-Info Connect Version 3.0 stakeholder management system can ensure that these details are recorded in a clear and simple database.

Simple project management with Sentanil

Sentanil Systems’ suite of pipeline construction information management systems assist in the management and control of the traceability requirements of a project.

Three the key for CNC

CNC Project Management has welcomed three key staff members as shareholders as well as opening two new offices during the past year.

Pipeline Plant Hire: providing innovative excavators

Pipeline Plant Hire’s range of excavators is another example of the growing company’s commitment to providing high-quality machinery to construction projects throughout Australia.

Overseas talent in the pipeline industry

Attraction and retention strategies have become crucial for many Australian organisations, notably for those within the energy sector. With the LNG industry experiencing significant growth, companies are being challenged to build effective teams whilst they struggle to source appropriate skills from within the local talent pool, according to Bayside Personnel.

A total solution for steel sourcing and supply

Capital Steel has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and representatives in China and South Korea. The company also operates independently in Papua New Guinea through Capital Steel PNG, where it has been known and respected for more than ten years.

OSD: expanding capabilities

With another year of increased services to clients, OSD Pipelines continues its major international growth that will help position the engineering firm as a global service provider of choice for pipelines.

Seven reasons to lift pipe with Schoenbeck’s ELiTE 5TD/CD2 vacuum pipe lifter

Lifting world safety levels for vacuum pipe lifters higher than ever before, the new ELiTE 5TD/CD2 for polyethylene and steel pipe demonstrates state-of-the-art environmental and safety elements welcomed globally.

Connecting jobseekers to major projects

Hays Oil & Gas are experts in recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people across the full life cycle of the oil and gas industries – from exploration, project development and construction, to asset operations, production and maintenance. Its clients represent some of the industry’s leading names, from global super majors to specialist niche consultancies.

Safe and efficient cargo transportation with Mark V

The first series of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics’ largest generation vessel, the Mark V, is now operating within Australian ports.

Social impacts:  a new project pressure point

Land access has always been a fundamental issue for any resource or infrastructure development, but the current resources boom in Queensland and focus on landowners’ rights has increased to a legislated obligation where a ‘social licence to operate’ is required.

Jumbo solution for power projects

For the past 18 months, Astron Plastics has been heavily involved in a number of major projects that have taken advantage of the company’s large underground cable cover JUMBO rolls.

Tunnelcorp:  leading trenchless in Australasia

Multidisciplinary trenchless technology contractor Tunnelcorp has been leading specialist teams, utilising world-class equipment and employing some of the most knowledgeable trenchless technology staff in Australia since 2006.

Implementing engineering services in Australia: STREICHER

Many years of experience, technical know-how, flexibility and quality characterise the STREICHER Group. The company, which has approximately 3,000 employees worldwide, undertakes large-scale projects in different sectors, such as pipeline and plant construction, mechanical engineering and civil and structural engineering.

Dunstan’s deals in all-terrain vehicles

Dunstan’s Construction Group, based out of Wangaratta in Victoria, has recently been appointed the dealer for the range of Prinoth tracked utility vehicles for Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and the Antarctic regions.

Portable power projects

Energy Power Systems' Cat Rental Power provides tailored solutions that solve problems and reduce risk when emergency or standby power, air or temperature control is required.

Breaking new ground in pipeline on-bottom stability design

The need to better understand pipeline stability in the unique environment of Western Australia’s North West Shelf has lead to the establishment of a research facility in Perth that is attracting worldwide interest.

South Australia – at the heart of Australia’s pipeline industry

by Sally Commins and Stephanie Chan

In the last two decades, South Australia has experienced unprecedented growth in its gas transmission industry. The completion of the QSN Link Project and SEA Gas Pipeline, as well as the gas-rich reserves of the Cooper Basin has enabled huge opportunities for Australia’s pipeline industry. The Australian Pipeliner looks at the companies which have helped to facilitate this growth.

Keeping SA in gas: SEA Gas

SEA Gas, established in 2001, plays an integral role in the continued supply of gas to the South Australian network. SEA Gas General Manager Ashley Kellett spoke to The Australian Pipeliner about SEA Gas’ formation, the day of the Moomba processing facility incident, and why a carbon price will be the biggest influence in configuring the future of the pipelines industry.

Directing pipeline governance in South Australia

As Chief Engineer of the Petroleum and Geothermal Group, Minerals and Energy Resources in the Department of Primary Industries and Resources of South Australia, Michael Malavazos holds extensive experience in the history and operations of all things pipelines in the state.

Putting repair sleeves to the test

by Robert Smyth, Vice President Engineering, Petro-Line

Over time, pipelines, as steel products, attempt to revert back to their original state of iron oxide. Within the pipeline industry, various methods have been developed to prevent this from happening, including producing ways to identify and repair defects that have developed in pipeline systems, such as repair sleeves.

Climate policy – devil in the detail

by Steve Davies, Policy Adviser, APIA

July saw the release of the exposure draft of the Clean Energy Bill 2011, providing for the first time the detail on the Federal Government’s carbon price mechanism. As anticipated, many aspects of the mechanism are similar to the first emissions trading scheme produced by the Government, but in the detail there are provisions that have implications for the gas transmission pipeline industry and the broader gas industry.

Preparing for pipeline completion at the Victorian Desalination Project

Construction of the 84 km transfer pipeline for the $3.5 billion Victorian Desalination Project is almost complete.

Delivering the Melbourne to Geelong Pipeline

In August 2010, Barwon Water contracted Abigroup to construct an underground pipeline connecting Melbourne’s water supplies with Geelong as part of its long-term goal to secure the region’s water supply. As construction continues, Abigroup shares its progress with The Australian Pipeliner.

Murphy Pipe and Civil signs off on Sino

Murphy Pipe and Civil has commenced the final commissioning phase for the Sino Iron Ore Mine’s concentrate, desalination and return pipeline project in Cape Preston, Western Australia.

Planning for water security: the Connors River Dam Pipeline

SunWater, which has been delivering water across Queensland for over 80 years, has recently added a multitude of projects to its planning agenda, including the Connors River Dam and Pipeline Project.

How to relocate a compressor station

In New South Wales, APA Group is currently in the process of installing a new compressor at the Young compressor station site on the Moomba to Sydney pipeline to replace its smaller capacity predecessor, which was moved to the Marsden compressor station. APA explains what was involved in the move.

FutureGAS 2012: Australia’s only whole-of-industry gas event

Register now to make sure you don’t miss out on your spot amongst key decision makers and gas experts at FutureGAS 2012, Australia’s only whole-of-industry gas event.

Great Southern Press establishes new pipeline industry marketing solutions division

Great Southern Press is pleased to announce the creation of a new department to help pipeline industry businesses market themselves.

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