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The Australian Pipeliner

January 2011

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President’s Message

Peter Cox

Welcome to the first edition of The Australian Pipeliner for 2011. We look forward to another active and eventful year.

Chief executive’s report

Cheryl Cartwright

Here we are – 2011 – the year of the rabbit. There is so much activity in this industry – it should be the year of the pipeline!

Premier shares knowledge and love of pipelines at APIA lunch

Cheryl Cartwright, APIA Chief Executive

The Western Australian Premier demonstrated his knowledge of the pipeline industry and the broader gas and energy industries with a wide-ranging speech about gas and pipelines in Australia’s largest state at the APIA Perth Lunch on 2 September 2010.

Susan Alberti captivates APIA Melbourne Dinner

Attendees of the APIA dinner held in Melbourne on 19 August 2010 were privileged to hear businesswoman, campaigner, and philanthropist, Susan Alberti AO speak.

Adelaide Dinner gives members food for thought

Pipeliners who attended the APIA Dinner in Adelaide were educated on the importance of adopting more sustainable engineering design and project delivery practices.

High spirits at WA Christmas lunch

The APIA WA Chapter kicked off festivities early this year, holding their Christmas Lunch on 26 November 2010 at South of Perth Yacht Club on the Swan River.

IPC 2010: a joint perspective of five young pipeliners

Five young pipeliners – Peter Kneale (Enerflex), Anthony Trantino (Jemena), Anthony Cicchini (OSD Pipelines), Donovan Kirk-Burnnand (APA Group) and Russell Carroll (Nacap) – were given the opportunity by their companies, along with a generous APIA bursary, to attend the 2010 International Pipeline Conference in Calgary, Canada.

WA YPF networks with speed

By Frank Daly, WA YPF Committee, WA Gas Networks

The APIA WA Chapter and YPF got together prior to the WA Chapter Christmas Lunch for a ‘speed dating’ style mentoring session, which was sponsored by Nacap Australia. The session provided for 16 young pipeliners to meet 16 mentors.

Vic YPF speaks out

By Kristy Brincat, VIC YPF Committee head, OSD Pipelines

The Young Pipeliner Forum Victorian Speaker Night was held at a Melbourne pub on 14 October 2010, with 25 attendees gathering to network and learn more about the industry.

From CSG to LNG with the YPF

By Ian Spence, YPF QLD Committee member, CNC Project Management

Santos LNG Plant In-Country Manager Steve Schoemaker explained the coal seam gas to LNG process at the latest Queensland Young Pipeliners Forum speaker event, held at the Ship Inn, Brisbane on 29 October 2010.

Pipeliners go Top End

Darwin was the perfect place for the 2010 Annual APIA Convention and Exhibition. With the theme of ‘Australia’s pipeline industry – local expertise; international influence’, the event’s location in the Top End attracted both national and international attendees.

APIA: ready to take on new challenges

The pipeline industry is facing many new challenges, and is ready to take them on. APIA Chief Executive Cheryl Cartwright addressed the 2010 APIA Convention, outlining the Association’s readiness to tackle anything that comes its way. This is an edited version of her presentation.

Recognition awarded to remarkable pipeliners

Three pipeliners – Liz Brierley, Bob Gration and Leigh Fletcher – received recognition for their significant achievements and contributions to the industry at the 2010 APIA Convention and Exhibition in Darwin. The awards were presented by Senator Mathias Cormann.

‘Safety of the community’ program a triumph for AJ Lucas

AJ Lucas has been awarded the 2010 APIA Safety Award for its ‘Safety of the community on the Bonaparte Gas Pipeline’ program. The Australian Pipeliner spoke with AJ Lucas representative Wayne Hargrave about the company’s award-winning safety program.

Pipeliners show off their drive

The 2010 APIA Convention once again teed off with its annual golf tournament, held at the Palmerston Golf and Country Club in Darwin.

YPF has a gas at Convention

Younger pipeliners at the 2010 APIA Convention had a chance to get acquainted at the Young Pipeliners Forum drinks, held at the Sky City Casino in Darwin before the Welcoming Dinner.

Mark Cooper: a ‘different’ kind of day job

Working in the Western Australian pipeline industry has taught Dampier Bunbury Pipeline General Manager Commercial and APIA Board Member Mark Cooper the importance of providing the right tools and support to employees. Mr Cooper spoke to The Australian Pipeliner about the many joys and challenges of working in the pipeline industry, and what he hopes APIA to achieve during his time as a board member.

Leigh Fletcher: steeled for pipeline research

Leigh Fletcher has devoted more than 40 years to the study of metallurgy, manufacture, testing and welding of steel pipes. He was instrumental in establishing the APIA Research and Standards Committee and worked tirelessly on the proposal for the establishment of the Energy Pipelines Co-operative Research Centre. The Australian Pipeliner spoke to Leigh about his time in the industry and the importance of the new research centre.

Worker on the line: Bernie Duke

WDS Construction Superintendent Bernie Duke was involved in the construction of the Young to Wagga Pipeline over 30 years ago. Now, finding himself working on the looping project for the same pipeline, he shares his observations on how the pipeline industry has changed over the decades.

Jemena celebrates ten years of the EGP

When the Eastern Gas Pipeline was commissioned in 2000, it instigated gas-on-gas competition in Sydney for the first time. To celebrate the pipeline’s ten-year anniversary, The Australian Pipeliner looks at the history and Jemena’s future plans for the pipeline.

Jinks reports on IGU agenda

The second meeting of the International Gas Union’s Working Committee 3 2009–12 research triennium was held in the Hotel Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas, over four days from 7–10 September 2010. GHD Business Development Manager Oil & Gas Barbara Jinks reports on the activities of the three study groups that make up the committee.

The Savage River Slurry Pipeline

The world’s first slurry pipeline, transporting iron ore, was built in Tasmania in 1967. N.T. (Norm) Cowper, the principal of SlurrySystems, was the superintendent responsible for construction, start-up and operation of the pipeline for the first one-and-a-half years of operation. The system was a highly successful operation, which paved to way for worldwide acceptance of transportation of coal and other minerals over long distances by pipeline.

Pipeline legend: Tony Tschappeller

By Barry Wood

Tony Tschappeller has been in the pipeline industry for nearly 50 years, working on a number of projects for Prentice Brothers and Minson, Nacap and Mitchell Water. Despite his initial decision to retire, he is still making his mark on the industry today.

Steel for pipelines: delivering under pressure

In an age when communities depend more than ever upon a continual, economic supply of energy sources, steel is the ideal and proven material of choice for high-pressure gas transmission pipelines. BlueScope Steel Senior Metallurgist Stuart Laird explains why this is the case.

Enerflex stretches its wings

Enerflex has chosen Eagle Farm in Brisbane, Queensland, for the location of its first dedicated re-packaging and reassembly facility outside of North America. The environmentally-friendly manufacturing facility, which has been designed to accommodate the growing Queensland pipeline industry, was opened in July 2010.

Comdain Infrastructure: upping the ante on the Wollert – Euroa Pipeline

In June 2010, Comdain Infrastructure began works on upgrading the maximum allowable operating pressure on APA Group’s Wollert – Euroa Pipeline in an effort to increase gas supply to New South Wales.

WorldWide padders used on QSN3

With a screening area of 8.4 sq m and an operating weight of 53,864 kg, the SPD-450 padding machine is the biggest padding machine manufactured by WorldWide Machinery. The Australian Pipeliner spoke to WorldWide Machinery’s Vice President Pipeline Operations Jurgen Hafermann about the SPD-450’s features and capabilities.

PipeWIZARD: putting the magic into AUT

By Alison Glover, Technical Applications Specialist, Olympus Australia

In pipeline construction, defects are most likely to occur in the welds. Radiography has been a commonly-used technique to detect and measure these defects, but, like all non-destructive testing methods, has its limitations. The safety and security issues associated with use of radioisotopes and x-ray tubes are an increasing concern. In recent years, automated ultrasonic testing has been overtaking radiography as the method of choice for pipeline weld testing.

Wallenius: bringing the world’s largest RoRo vessels to the Oceania market

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics is set to launch the next generation in roll-on/roll-off vessels in 2011. The new MKV vessels incorporate 40 years of the company’s experience in handling energy-related cargo utilising the roll-on/roll-off concept.

A pipeline of opportunities: GD Pipelines

GD Pipelines is a mid-tier pipeline construction contractor with experience in large water and wastewater pipeline projects and gas gathering infrastructure. Established to fulfil the market need for a professional mid-tier construction contractor, Managing Director Mark Greene explains the company’s history and its future plans.

Power, precision and safety from Enerpac’s NS nut splitters

The NS-Series of nut splitters from Enerpac are powerful and precise industrial strength hydraulic tools that have been designed and manufactured for serious applications.

Keeping an eye on your pipelines with fibre optic monitoring

Pipelines often cross hazardous environmental areas, making them vulnerable to both natural and third-party influences. These hazards can significantly change the original structural functioning of the pipeline, leading to damage, leakage and failure with serious economic and ecological consequences. Environmental Systems and Services reveals how new fibre optic monitoring systems can significantly improve pipeline management and safety.

WDS looks to the year ahead after success on Young to Wagga Looping

WDS has completed work on APA Group’s Young to Wagga Looping project in New South Wales, and has now secured several contracts in Queensland. Here, the company outlines its recent and upcoming activities.

PM Piping: maintaining momentum in WA

PM Piping has opened a new office in Perth to support the company’s growing presence in Western Australia.

Weld smarter using CRC-Evans’ new welding system with laser vision technology

CRC-Evans Automatic Welding has developed a new welding system that incorporates laser vision welding and inspection technology. Designed to reduce the duration of the pipeline welding process while increasing weld quality, the Vision System provides new levels of flexibility in the field.

Vegetation management with Vemco

Vegetation removal is an essential step in the establishment of a pipeline. Vemco Group has over 15 years experience providing this service to the pipelines industry.

State of the gas supply industry workforce

By Steve Davies, APIA Policy Adviser

The Federal Government’s National Resource Sector Employment Taskforce released a report, Resourcing the Future, in July this year. The report looks at the skills, employment and training issues in the resource sector.

West coast developments: pipelines in Western Australia

by Stephanie Chan

Natural gas is a vital commodity for Western Australia, with gas supplying 50 per cent of the state’s primary energy needs and 60 per cent of power generation needs. In just the past year, close to 1,000 TJ/d of gas was used domestically, with the current amount of conventional gas reserves for Western Australia sitting at approximately 136 Tcf. Pipeline infrastructure is vital in transporting this gas around Australia’s largest state. Western Australia is also on the brink of completing a number of significant LNG projects and is a major contributor to the sector. Here, The Australian Pipeliner takes a look at recent and future pipeline developments in the area.

Pipeline regulation in WA: the ERA explains

The Economic Regulation Authority plays a role in ensuring equitable access to all gas pipeline users in Western Australia. ERA Chairman Lyndon Rowe spoke to The Australian Pipeliner to explain how this regulation occurs and why it is so important.

Securing the nation’s future with water pipelines

By Stephanie Chan

State governments around Australia have outlined various water strategies to secure their region against drought and to meet future water demands, with water pipelines making up a significant part of these strategies. The Australian Pipeliner takes a look at the many water infrastructure developments that have occurred over the past year.

Pipe-jacked: the Northern Pipeline Interconnector

The Northern Network Alliance is completing one of the final links in the South East Queensland Water Grid – Stage 2 of the Northern Pipeline Interconnector. Involving the longest single pipe-jacked microtunnel in the southern hemisphere, the project has posed numerous challenges.

Boddingtons: supplying warning tape for water pipelines

Boddingtons recently supplied warning tape for the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project and the Wonthaggi Desalination Project. The pipelines are important water infrastructure projects for Victoria, requiring protection from third-party damage.

PE pipe replaces ductile iron for Sunshine Coast water project

PPI Corporation recently supplied the Sunshine Coast Regional Council with 1.5 km of 710 mm diameter PN16 PE100 polyethylene pipe for the Replacement Coolum Trunk Water Main Project.

Savcor to protect desal pipe

Savcor Corrosion Engineering Services has been contracted to provide cathodic protection for the 84 km Victorian Desalination Pipeline.

GPA Engineering farewells founding member

By the GPA Engineering team

At a time when it sometimes appears that engineering is just about project management rather than the technical solutions, designs and directions, retiring General Manager and co-founder of GPA Engineering Geoff McKinnon has always been committed to designing engineering solutions. Geoff’s GPA colleagues pay tribute to his contribution to the industry and his company.

Solar Turbines’ compressors explained

By Rainer Kurz and Martin Habel, Solar Turbines

Centrifugal gas compressors meet requirements for gas compression in oil and gas fields. The key is an approach to design compressors for the specific needs of these applications, which has led to the development of compressors using a modular design consisting of pre-engineered components.

Compensating for the J-T effect

By Brian Walkington, Grimwood Heating Managing Director

When choosing a direct electric heater, it is important to take many factors into consideration, including the Joule-Thomson (J-T) effect. Grimwood Heating can analyse process conditions to accurately confirm the true J-T effect based on gas composition.

Communication systems for remote projects

Nixon Communications is supplying a new satellite phone system that will keep remote pipelines and construction sites in the telecommunications loop.

Pig trackers

Anode Engineering introduces Wavetrak’s coded pig tracking system

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