Interview: Chakib Nayfe

McConnell Dowell Constructors Deputy General Manager – Pipelines Chakib Nayfe.

McConnell Dowell Constructors Deputy General Manager – Pipelines Chakib Nayfe.

McConnell Dowell Constructors Deputy General Manager – Pipelines Chakib Nayfe has been intimately involved in the development of the company’s contracts on the three sanctioned LNG projects. Mr Nayfe speaks with The Australian Pipeliner on his background prior to joining McConnell Dowell, and his vision for the future of the Australian pipeline industry.

What is your global experience?

I have worked on five continents and lived in the USA, Greece, the Gulf, the Middle East, Africa, and now Australia. During my professional career I was involved in the construction of major cross-country pipelines, world-class LNG facilities, refineries, and lately an airport in the highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG). By far, however, the most challenging work location has to be PNG.

How do you balance your work with your family?

I am married and have two beautiful children. When I am not on the road I spend quality time with them. I always ensure I make time for holidays as well, preferring the sunny Mediterranean climate of the Greek Islands. These aren’t always easy to get to, so on weekends, you will most likely find me on Maroubra beach.

What is your role across McConnell Dowell?

I plan, direct and control all McConnell pipeline operations activities to ensure the profitable execution of projects within the parameters of the pipeline business unit, while maintaining the highest standard of the Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality.

I also provide staff and employees with the necessary leadership to ensure their work and project environment allow optimal individual and team performance.

How are these CSG-to-LNG projects tied together and how significant is it for McConnell Dowell to be involved?

These projects are a boost to the economy. They create jobs and good revenue for the government. Australia has an abundance of natural resource wealth – especially in mining and now in CSG and LNG.

McConnell Dowell is now involved in the delivery of the three LNG projects and is currently exploring opportunities to be involved in a fourth, which is subject to final investment decision at the end
of 2013.

Furthermore, while McConnell Dowell is considered an expert in the pipeline sector, these recent projects have enabled it to set a benchmark within the industry – particularly for the construction of large-diameter pipe. It has also developed relevant, local expertise and the successful delivery of these LNG projects will significantly enhance the company’s reputation in Australia and abroad.

What is McConnell Dowell’s vision for the future of the industry?

McConnell Dowell has been involved in large-diameter pipeline construction around the world. However, the current cross-country pipelines are the largest ever built in Australia and we are excited to be part of this.

The company’s vision is to successfully deliver the projects in hand and to become part of other major CSG projects that are in planning stages. We also hope to secure additional work on the upstream part of each of the four main CSG projects.

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